1400 Historical Dates Of The Town and City of Bath, and Town of Georgetown,

From 1604 to 1874

Compiled & Published by Levi P. Lemont






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1665—Rev. Robert Gutch, Congregational.


1734—A church was established in Georgetown.


1736—James Morton, Presbyterian, Georgetown, at Fiddler's Reach,now Morse's farm. A church was built at this place.


1758—Wm. McLanathan, Episcopal, at the Reach.


1772—Rev. Mr. Wheeler, Episcopal, Georgetown.


1758—Solomon Page, Presbyterian, West Bath. He was the first

regular minister in the old meetinghouse.


1766—Francis Winter, Presbyterian, West Bath. Mr. Winter was

dismissed as pastor in 1787.


1789—Mr. Fredinberg preached for the parish at West Bath.


1795—Hugh Wallace, Congregational.


1797—Jesse Lee, Methodist, West Bath.


1797—Philip Wiggin, Methodist, West Bath.


1798—John Broadhead, Methodist, West Bath.


1800—Timothy Merritt, Methodist, West Bath. Mr. Merritt preached until 1805.


1805—Wm. Jenks preached at the South Church, Congregational, for twelve years. In 1817 he removed to Boston.


1806—Asa Lyman, North Church, Congregational. Mr. Lyman was dismissed in 1808.


1810—Silas Steams, Calvinist Baptist, preached in a hall in the building where Edward Gove's carriage factory now is. Mr. Steams died in 1840, aged 54 years.


1812—J.W. Ellingwood, North Church. In 1842 Mr. Ellingwood resigned.


1817—John Wilkinson, Methodist, preached in a hall at the south end.


1823—Mr. White preached at the South Church about this date.


1825-Seneca White, South Church.


1840—Samuel F. Dike, New Church.


1842—John 0. Fiske, North Church, afterwards in Winter Street Church, which the North Congregational society had built, and to which they removed. Mr. Fiske has been pastor of this society for thirty-two years.


1851—Rev. Mr. Metcalf, Unitarian.




1829—The New Jerusalem society organized by Rev. Thomas Worcester of Boston, in the old Academy, North Street.


183-—Samuel Worcester preached.


184-—Adonis Howard preached.


1841—Samuel F. Dike ordained. He came here in 1840, and has preached thirty-three years.


1843—The Temple built, corner of Middle and Winter streets.


1870—The Temple remodelled inside.




1816—Rev. Mr. Scribner from Vermont, Methodist visit.


1817—Rev. Mr. Ambler.


1818—Rev. Mr. Chamberlain a few weeks.


1821—Rev. Sullivan Bray.


1822—Rev. Bartholomew Othoman.


1824—Rev. Wilder Mark, two years.


1826—Rev. Mr. Bray again.


1827—Wm. H. Norris, two years.


1828—John B. Husted, two years.


1829—Ninety-one members in the Methodist church.


1830—Greengrove Moore.


1831—Justin Spaulding.


1832—John Atwell.


1833—Stephen Waterhouse.


1834—Isaac Downing.


1835—Isaac Thwing.


1836—John Atkins.


1837—Wm. H. Pillsbury.


1837—One hundred and thirty-three members in the Methodist church.


1838—Caleb Fuller, two years.


1840—-George Webber, two years.


1842—Eaton Shaw.


1842—Religious revival.


1843—Charles W. Morse, two years.


1845—John Hobart.


1846—Stephen Allen, D. D.


1847—Paul C. Richmond.


1848—Gershom F. Cox.


1849—Wm. F. Farrington.


1850—Wm. F. Farrington.


1851—Charles F. Allen, D. D.


1852—Charles F. Allen, D. D.


1853—Parker Jaques.


1854—Parker Jaques.


1855—Asahel Moore.


1856—Ezekiel Robinson.


1857—Ezekiel Robinson.


1858—James McMillen.


1859—James McMillen.


1860—Silas H. Hyde.


1861—Joseph L. Morse and Rufus H. Stinchfield.


1862—S. F. Wetherbee.


1863—S. F. Wetherbee and Luther T. Townsend, D. D.


1864—Cyrus A. King, three years.


1867—Joseph Hawkes, two years.


1869—Wm. S. Jones, three years.


1872—J. Roscoe Day, three years.




1853—Beacon Street Church built, Methodist, North End.


1853—Henry M. Blake, pastor two years.


1855—H. B. Abbott, two years.


1858—A. J. Church.


1859—Herman Nickerson.


1860—S. F. Wetherbee, two years.


1862—Henry M. Blake, two years.


1864—Caleb Fuller, two years.


1866—J. E. C. Sawyer, three years.


1869—Charles Munger, two years.


1871—Roscoe Sanders, two years.


1873—Kinsman Atkinson.





1852 to 1874— Frederick Gardner, Daniel Weston, J. M. Willey, Edward Jessup, J. F. Mines, Geo. W. Dim-ell, Wm. P. Tucker, Charles T. Ogden, Edward Hubbell, John Gregson.




————Ray Palmer pastor.

1851—Oct. 1, Eliphalet Whittlesey pastor.

1863—Mr. Whittlesey took his discharge.

1863—June 25, Augustus F. Beard preached.

1869—Rev. Wm. Hart, who is still pastor.




1848—Samuel Hathorn preached for the Free Will Baptist. Worshiped in the City Hall.


18--—A. Libbey preached.

18--—Peltiah Hobson.

18--—Hiram Skillings

18--—John Stevens.


1852—Nahum Brooks preached in the new house, North street.

18--—A. H. Morrill preached in the new house.

1867—E. W. Porter preached seven years; still pastor [1874].




1854—Previous to this date, the Catholics worshiped in the old South

Meeting House occasionally, and different years, as follows:

Father O'Donald, Father O'Riley, Father Putnam.


1856—Catholic church built, High street. Father McLaughlin superintended the building.


1857—Father McLaughlin preached.


1858—Father O'Callahan preached.

18——Father Murphy preached.

18——Father Bartley preached.


1872 and 1873—Father Lewis Mutsaers; he likewise preached at Bruuswick and Richmond.




1822—Hosea Ballon, preached in the old North school house occasionally, Rev. Mr. Drew occasionally; Sylvanus Cobb preached here.


1839—The Universalist Church built. Front street, where Church Block now is. The bell from the old North church bought by the society.


1839—John T. Gilman the first pastor five years.

18——Universalist Church built, Washington street. Mr. Bartlett preached one year, E. G. Brooks four years, Mr. Case two years, Mr. Crehore two years, Mr. Gardner one year.


186——Mr. Rugg four years, Mr. Fletcher two years, Mr. Gunnison two years, Mr. McLean nine months, M. PI. Houghton 1873 and 1874.




1747—M. G. Nott pastor until 1840.

1847—E. H. Gray until 1850.

1850— H. Hawse until 1851.

1851—E. Dibell until 1852.

1853—D. N. Sheldon until 1856.

1857—S. W. Taylor until 1860.

1860—G. P. Mathews until 1866.

1866—L. D. Hill until 1870.

1871—E. M. Bartlett until 1872.

1873—S. A. Kingsbury the present pastor.




Rev. Mr. Austin, Rev. Mr. Page, Rev. Mr. Whitcher, Rev. Mr. Sherwood, pastors.


1862—Centarl Church steeple blew over in a gale of wind from the northwest in the night.


1852—Elm Street Calvinist Baptist built on the same location of the old one.





1765—Jiny, Ezekiel Emerson from Uxbridge, Mass., was ordained as pastor of the church in Georgetown, the male members being eight in number; very soon after tills, the church consisted of more than one hundred communicants. In the pressure of war, 1779, Mr. Emerson moved to Norridgewock. In 1783 he returned and preached until 1810. He died Nov. 9, 1815, aged 79 years.


1760—Rev. Josiah Winship was ordained pastor of the church in Woolwich. He officiated until 1816, when .Rev. Jonathan Adams- was ordained.


1826—Mr. Winship died.